Lithuania Druskininkai





I arrived in Lithuania from Poland.
I followed relationship which met during this trip, and I’m in the south part of Lithuania, Druskininkai. The couple Linas and Gedre who met in Lithuania Paluse before.
The relationship which stayed at the same bungalow by chance by replacement.
The relationship which had passed as if when there was nothing. But our relationship was connected.
They teach me a town name which they living. Druskininkai. The town which had not been heard until now became the following target.
Thanks to them, this town turns into my town. We met in front of a lake, and be allowed to draw a portrait instantly.
It was warm time quiet from beginning to end. While drawing the portrait, I got to know about them, and they got to know about me.
“This is special that I’m able to meet you. Only by chance, but we are allowed to draw a portrait here. This thing specially truly. ”
I never forget this feeling.

After that, they looked for my hostel together. But a hostel were all full. We became to be puzzled.
Then, Linas say,
“My parents live in the nearby village. You should stay there! I try to ask. ”

Like this, overlapped with encounter, and this first town become an important place for me.
When we got home, I greeted in the awkward Lithuanian words.
“Nice to meet you. You are first visiter from Japan!”
Father of Linas greets warmly. Mother also greets with smile.
I was allowed to stay then overnight. The night remains my heart more than what kind of gorgeous hotel.

The next day eat breakfast together and start to draw a portrait after that. While drawing, we know each other from feelings without the language. We got to know each other.
They was glad to see the portrait which I finished drawing.
Of course my feeling was also glad.
“We are happy. Because we become friends like this” mother’s Julia say.
I also tell the same feeling.
The relationship was connected. We became very good friends.
Jumping also over the difference of a year, and the difference in language and the time spent as the appearance meeting lightly, we are friends.
Let’s meet again in the future. Good luck for everyone.


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