Vietnam Can-tho



I have been to the town of near the Mekong River called Can-tho over about 5 hours from Saigon.
The little journey for one night and two days.
While also visiting the village of a nearby river and hearing the sound of people’s life — time stay of mere a few — it has carried out.Though it was regrettable, the portrait was not able to be drawn, but the scenery of the special life was also able to be seen. 

Now, I’ll go to Cambodia from this night. The date which remains has also decreased.
Although Cambodia is also short time, I meet, feel, and draw portraits. 

Vietnam Saigon

サイゴンに来る途中のバスで一緒だったMark。オーストラリアから来たナイスガイです。サイゴンに住んでいる彼の友達、笑顔がかわいいお医者さんのThuy(トイ)と会い、一緒に食事に行きました。食べ終わり、さっそく似顔絵を描かせてもらうことに。 描いてると食堂の人たちも集まってきて、即席の似顔絵の会が始まりました。
ベトナムの中でも大都市のサイゴン。 こんなにたくさんいる出会えない人たちの中で、今日出会えた人たち。

In Vietnam Saigon.
I met Mark he was together at Buss in the middle of coming to Saigon. He is the nice guy came from Australia. I met his friend, Thuy (she live in Saigon, and she have good smiling face) and went to have a meal together. After eating we start to draw a portrait. When drawn, the people of the restaurant also gathered, and the extempore portrait party started. Each other drawn, photograph, There is not so many language, but smiling faces there. Saigon is a big city even in Vietnam. People who were able to meet today in people who are so in large numbers, and who cannot meet.
Oh, it is very precious. It was really pleasant. Thank you.

Vietnam Hanoi → Saigon




I moved long distance from Hanoi in northern Vietnam to southern city Ho Chi Minh.
It is about 1800 km.
I arrived at last over 50 hours by bus.
I took bus for a longest time in my life.
In Ho Chi Minh City, there are people who can meet in various persons’ introduction.
It is pleasure that I can meet new people.

Vietnam Tuan Giao

子供の持ってる、それこそ全力の好奇心は世界のどこにいっても変わらないと思います。 ただ、はじめのその壁を取っ払ってくれるものが必要。


I’m in Vietnam, Tuan Giao now.
Here in the valley town surrounded by mountains around.
Around the town, Here is some villages of Hmong people and Thai Dam people surrounded by a quiet location.
I met a lot of people in one of the villages there. In the introduction to those who have met in the journey, I visited Tuan Giao.
I arrived for the first time that day, a lot of kids came.
I think children have good curiosity. It’s not changing if I go to anywhere in the world. Just need something that take away the first wall each other. For me, That is a portrait. If I can draw a portrait of someone, I can take away the wall beyond that very easily.

Well, great migration from today. I move by bus from Tuan Giao to Saigon over 3-4days from northern Vietnam. I’m looking forward to it!

Laos Luang Namtha 7

ここでもたくさんの出会いが僕を引き止めてくれて、たくさんの大切な人たちができました。 気づけば約1ヶ月も滞在させてもらった。



I came back to NamDee village.
Before leaving Laos, I want to meet everybody once again, I visited. Everybody greets warmly as usual. I’m allowed to stay overnight, and am allowed to draw portraits,I got some gifts and many important tales, and I’ll be left Laos tomorrow.
I have many important people in there. I noticed, I stay about one month. Although I can’t say yet at a word, everything passed here and has been shared is very important for my life.
Even if I return to Japan, someone live the time that different from my time, in the world. And there are many valuable scenery in a daily life of people. It’s really important that I was found.
And I wish to meet anew someone who has not met yet. I move to a long distance again from tomorrow. I’ll go to next country, Vietnam.

Laos Luang Namtha 6

ルアンナムターの町から20km以上離れた山の中に、アカ族という民族の人たちが住む村があります。 実は前回ルアンナムターに来た時も歩いて行ってみたのですが、あまりの遠さに(あと時間的に)断念した村です。
今回は再挑戦。 前に諦めた地点から一つ目のカーブを曲がると村が見えました。本当にあと一歩で諦めていたようです。
アカ族のみんなはとても距離が近く、着いてすぐに似顔絵を描かせてもらいました。 描き始めるとそれこそすぐに人だかりになります。みんな絵を見るたびにとても良い顔で笑ってくれる。何を言ってるのかは全くわからないけれど、あたたかく迎えてくれているのはわかります。

There is a village where Akha people live, 20km or more away from the town of LuangNamtha. Although I walked also when it came to LuangNamtha last time in fact, I given up far too much (back in time).
It is a re-challenge this time.
Akha village is very simple, it was as my imagining.
Everybody very friendly, so I could draw portraits immediately. Just it becomes a crowd shortly after beginning to draw. And everyone become smile. Although I can’t understand what they said, I can understand that they have warmly feelings.
Although I wasn’t able to stay enough time,next time, I want stay more longer.

Laos Luang Namtha 5

みんないとも簡単につくっていますが、多分今の僕にはつくれないものばかり。 そんなラオスでも今まさに急速に失われていっているそうです。
変わっていくこととそれを残そうとすること。とても難しいことですが、やっぱり谷さんはあきらめていない。 種類は違っても、僕は僕が美しいと思う景色や物語を描き続けようと思います。

I’ve returned to Laos LuangNamtha.
I met Ms. Tani again. I went to villages with her, and had shown variously handworks actually performed in Laos.
They are much craftsmanship which is various places a long time ago, and was performed ordinarily even in Japan.
Making paper, weaving, sericulture, making an iron tool, a bamboo ware..
Although all are maked very simply, maybe I can’t do that.
It is said that now just lost quickly even in such Laos.
It tries to leave and changing. Although it is very difficult, Ms. Tani has not given up. Even if a kind is different, I’ll continue my work, drawing the scenes and tales which I believe beautiful.

Thailand Chiang Rai 2

再びチェンライ。 この前会えなかったギャラリーのオーナー、アーティストのアンクリットと会いました。彼はアーティスト、ペインターで他のアーティストをギャラリーで紹介するキュレーションもやってる人。日本でも何度か展覧会をしているらしい。彼ともとても良い友達になれた。
Angkrit Gallery →

僕の描いた絵を見て、話をする。そのまま似顔絵を描かせてもらい、一緒に昼食を食べ、彼の息子を迎えに行くついでにそのまま車で町まで送ってもらう。 コーヒーとケーキをごちそうになる。
似顔絵を描くほんの1時間ほどの間に感じた感想を言ってくれる。 その感想は、僕が似顔絵を描く時に大事にしたいと思っていること、似顔絵の可能性だと思ってる大切なことを、ぶれずにそのまま感じてくれていた。


ほんの少しの時間で伝わったことが嬉しかった。きっと自分自身、たくさんの出会いに磨かれていっているんだと思う。自分の伝えたいこと、大切にしたいことがシンプルになっていってるんだと思う。 やっぱり大切なことは多くはない。あらためて似顔絵を描き続けることを決意した一日でした。

I come back Chiang Rai again.
He is owner of Angkrit gallery and artist before I couldn’t met. He is an artist and painter and sometime curator. He had held the exhibition in Japan several times. I think we were able to become good friends,too.
Angkrit Gallery :

I’m allowed to draw a portrait then, eat lunch together, and he took me to a town by car with his son. And we drank coffee and ate cake together. In the meantime, the talk turns naturally and a talk of art and our works. He said the comment felt in when I drew his portrait. It is something to prize and the important thing currently regarded, now I’m thinking.

“The time and the story which were shared at that time are important. ”
“Continuing is important. It is important to accumulate the story of the people whom you met. ”
I was glad to having been transmitted in such a few time. I think that it is surely polished by much meetings with people. I think the value which I wants to tell, are become simple. Important things are not so many. It was a day, I decided to continue drawing a portrait anew.

Chiang Rai is also this time and, finally it is. I departed from Thailand. and goes to Laos again.

Thailand Maesalong 3


I came back from Haygo village which was indebted for four days.
Although it was really short time, people of the village greeted like friend who knows from long times.
The places go on increasing to visit once again.
I would like to surely return once again in when, to drink delicious tea together.
The story accumulated together,and time shared here together,is really important.

Thailand Maesalong 2

今までの自分の感覚では、そのとき初めて見た人に声をかけて、バイクに乗せるなんて考えられなかったけど、ここに来てその感覚を越える経験がたくさんあります。 似顔絵を描かせてもらっているヘゴ村でもみんな優しく迎えてくれる。

From Maesalong to Haygo village by walk, it takes about 2 hours and a half.
But the young man local put me on the motorbike to this side of a Haygo village today.
With my feeling, speaks to the first person to see then, and although it was not thought that he put on a motorbike, I have much experience which comes here and exceeds my feeling. All are greeted kindly also in Haygo village on which I’m allowed to draw a portrait.
I think that when or this obligation must be relayed to someone whenever there are such kind things.